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SNWA offers largest cash-for-grass incentive yet

February 20, 2024

Spring into action this season by trading your grass for cash with the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s (SNWA) biggest incentive ever. The SNWA has temporarily increased the Water Smart Landscape Rebate (WSLR) for homeowners from $3 to $5 per square foot of grass upgraded to water-efficient landscaping for the rest of 2024.

Qualifying homeowners will receive $5 for each square foot of grass they convert (up to the first 10,000 square feet) to drip-irrigated, desert-adapted plants and trees, and $3.50 for each additional square foot. Conversions must be completed by the end of 2024 to receive the increased incentive.

Businesses, municipalities, community associations, and multi-family properties remain eligible for the current $3 per square foot incentive, which will decrease to $2 per square foot for nonfunctional, decorative grass beginning in 2025.

Outdoor landscaping is the biggest user of Southern Nevada’s limited water supply. By converting to a Water Smart landscape, you’ll use 55 gallons of water less per square foot than thirsty-grass landscapes.

While it can seem daunting to consider removing your home’s grass, embracing a lawn-free landscape not only conserves water but also reduces maintenance efforts, allowing for a more sustainable and vibrant outdoor space. Here are some common myths associated with water-smart landscapes:

 “Water Smart Landscaping will make my house hotter.”

Shade is the key to keeping you cool in the desert. Grass feels cool because so much water is evaporating from it. There are dozens of water-efficient trees and plants that can be used to shade south and west exposure from our relentless desert sun, while using less water; consult the Plant Search Tool on to find what works best for you. Also, as part of the WSL rebate, the Tree Enhancement Program offers $100 bonuses to new participants for each qualifying tree planted during landscape conversions. It’s a shady deal you will want to take advantage of, providing much-needed shade against the urban heat island effect.

“It takes too long for water-efficient plants to mature and achieve SNWA’s required 50% canopy.”

You can save money on labor and plant material costs by planting smaller sized plants. It doesn’t matter if you install a 1-gallon or a 5-gallon plant; the SNWA will give you the same maturity credit. And most plants—when watered properly—fill in or grow quickly.

“All desert plants and rocks are ugly.”

Water-smart landscaping is so much more than rocks and cacti. With over 500 plant options that are resilient enough to tolerate our harsh environment and soil conditions, coupled with thoughtful design and selection, achieving a beautiful landscape while conserving water is possible.

As we enter spring, it’s also time to change your watering clock. Seasonal watering restrictions in effect March 1 through April 30, and limits landscape watering to up to three assigned days per week (Sunday watering is prohibited all year). You can increase your savings without harming your landscape by slowly “ramping up” irrigation schedules, adding the second and third watering days only as temperatures warm up and weather patterns permit. If you have plants and trees on drip systems, they require significantly less water, typically needing to be watered every 1-2 days in spring.

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Written by: Tom Bradley Jr., Southern Nevada Water Authority

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